Andrea Vallicelli: A History of Designs - Valerio Paolo Mosco

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: 9788857241944
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Andrea Vallicelli: A History of Designs

Valerio Paolo Mosco


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Barkod: 9788857241944

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The luxurious, lightning-fast yachts of Andrea Vallicelli, the unparalleled master of boat design


For 40 years, Andrea Vallicelli and his studio have conceived some of the most daring yacht designs in the history of the craft. His creations have been so influential that a history of Vallicelli is a history of the boating world in that same 40-year span.


This substantial tome boasts more than 300 photographs and drawings that showcase the work of the designer for the storied Azzurra team. Here, Vallicelli shows us not only the boats of his studio, and how they were conceived and made, but in general demonstrates how yacht design has always been based on a constant intermingling between innovation and intuition of the past and how, precisely for this reason, it remains one of design's greatest expressions.



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Basım Tarihi: Ocak 2021

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